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              SYD-M822Ai/M822 Gieseler fluidity tester for coking coal
                  發布時間: 2015-08-24 11:41    

              The fluidity of coal may indicate the quality and quantity of plastic mass produced during the distillation of coal, which can be used to evaluate the plastic property of coking coal. The thermoplastic of coal is related to the combination of coal particles during coking process, which is an important index for the evaluation of pyrolysis kinetics and rheological properties of coal during heating process. This product is developed according to GB / T25213-2010, ISO10329, ASTMD2369 standards 《Determination of plastic properties - constant-torque Gieseler plastometer method》. in which the important indexes for the evaluation of fat coal, coking coal, 1/3 coking coal are proposed. The developing of scientific and reasonable coal blending schemes has become more and more important with the proceeding of delicacy management. is fine coal blending and reduce the cost of essential means, with the fine management of enterprises, especially the adjustment of coal blending structure is more and more important. The quality of coal can be comprehensively predicted based on Gieseler fluidity pattern, Gieseler fluidity indexes, Audibert-arnu dilatation index and values of G and Y.

              SYD-M822Ai/M822 Gieseler fluidity tester for coking coal

              SYD-M822Ai is totally automatic or maybe a robot on desktop 

              There are two types selectable:

              SYD-M822Ai intelligent type and SYD-M822 standard type

              Technical characteristics

              1.Intelligent dual furnace and manual operation is not necessary;

              2.Automatic loading and unloading of coal retort without manual intervention

              3.Reliable automatic torque calibration of mechanical weight;

              4.Can be integrated into intelligent manufacturing and managing system;

              5.Original data is of reliable repeatability and accuracy, no secondary corrections on data;

              6.Working quietly and maintenance-free;

              7.Support up to 3×106 (300000) dd/min and 0.1 dd/min resolution level measurement;

              8.Comprehensive protection on safety of operator and oxidized aluminum alloy surface without painting;

              9.Digital configuration without any manual intervention for adjustment;

              Relevant patents






              Testing procedure

              1.Load charged coal retort onto the frame;

              2.Automatic identification of coal retort and two parallel tests can be done simultaneously;

              3.Rapid pre-heating mechanism and decisions can be automatically made according to the conditions of single or double furnace to the shorten testing time to the maximum extent;

              4.The Coal retort can be automatically separated from furnace without waiting for cooling and the coal retort temperature is real-time monitored;

              5.Manual loading of coal retort is also supported, which only takes 1 second;

              6.The machine is maintenance-free except for consumables.

              Main features

              1. SYD-M822Ai is defined as the instrument of desktop level robot, and SYD-M822 is the automatic standard type;

              2. Double furnace structure, the test can be optional, can be continuous intermittent cycle work, meet the requirements of large amount of high-efficiency test;

              3. Equipped with automatic two-dimensional movement of the mechanical arm, the coal retort clamping, furnace, oven can be completed by themselves, without manual intervention;

              4.Support fast manual mechanical loading coal retort, only 1 seconds, stirring paddle shaft can automatically card into the counterpoint, do not need artificial counterpoint and general to screw nut operation, put an end to the process of loading retort stirring paddle force often make the sample loose and failure;

              5. With intelligent retort frame, can automatically detect whether there is coal retort on the retort frame, can automatically identify the current temperature of retort, when the temperature is too high will give information, to avoid operators to accidentally touch scalded;

              6. The function of automatic decision-making process behavior, from the beginning of the test to the completion of the whole process can be separated from any manual assistance, but also support manual operation in manual mode, improve the flexibility of the machine;

              7. Fluidity curve and data will be provided from the time when the rest is zero, rather than generally from 1DD /min, so as to provide a full expansion of the data and curve, not only to meet the daily test and testing requirements of production enterprises but also to meet the use of scientific research;

              8. Precision temperature control and fluidity curve data are obtained once per second without any secondary correction. The data curve is very delicate, especially for any fluctuation of coal sample, it also has shutter type acquisition method, which can present real-time dynamic change of coal sample without loss;

              9. Real-time measurement of current fluidity, initial softening temperature, maximum fluidity temperature, final flow temperature, curing temperature, plastic range, maximum fluidity and other related measurement parameters are automatically reported, and automatically form PDF and CSV files;

              Software features:

              1.All operation and control can be done through the software on computer;

              2.Automatically loading of temperature curve with customization supported;

              3.Automatic generation of real-time data, test report, storage, printing, history inquiry;

              4.Drawing and display of fluidity curve, real-time temperature and setting curve in a same coordinate system;

              5.Administrator password and operator password login mechanism can prevent unauthorized operation;

              6.All data can be stored in hard disk as long as possible if the capacity is enough;

              7.Intelligent judgment on malfunction or artificial operation error with protection;

              8.Third-party communication of data supported;

              9.Free software with unscheduled upgrade service.

              Technical parameters

              1.Rated power: single furnace 1.5kW (Max), dual furnace (1.5kW+1.5kW);

              2.Design power: 3kW;

              3.Temperature control: ambient temperature to 650℃;

              4.Sample temperature control: 300 to 650℃;

              5.Heating rate: 3.0±0.1℃/min;

              6.Temperature control precision: temperature rise 15±1℃ within 5min;

              7.Temperature resolution: 0.1℃;

              8.Constant torque: 101.6±5.1 g.cm (0.00996±0.005N.M);

              9.Adjustable torque range: 0 to 120g.cm

              10.Torque calibration: weight balance pulley blocks;

              Fluidity characteristics

              1.Fluidity range: 0.1~100,000 dd/min (DDPM) (1gMF) = 5, maximum: 3×105 dd/min (lgMF) = 5.4;

              2.Accuracy: 0.1 dd/min;

              3.Method: photoelectric

              4.Encoder specification: 1000 lines

              5.Material: alloy steel, diameter: 1.6±0.02 mm.

              6.Length: 6.4 ± 0.02 mm, mutual consistency tolerance: 0.01 mm;

              7.Furnace tube temperature: 900℃ (Max);

              8.Furnace tube material: nickel-chromium alloy steel with surface nitriding treatment;

              9.Lead and tin mass ratio: 1:1;

              10.Sound alarm: volume: 60~70 dB;

              11.Overheating protection: automatic output breach 

              12.WiFi connection & IEEE802.11 mixed mode;

              13.Third party communication connection and data access supported under standard and customized protocols;

              14. SQL, MES, Access and other databases supported;

              15.Dimensions(W×D×H): 625mm×500×850mm;

              16.Weight: 45kg;

              The agitator is CNC digital control machined with precise drilling of blind hole and cutting of axle, the machining accuracy and shape tolerance are strictly maintained to a high level. 

              An agitator can only be made after 16 processes from raw material to eventual product.

              Automatic sampler:

              The automatic loading of a static load of 9kg can avoid the overloading of coal sample caused by the impulse inertia during manual loading, which can eliminated the influence of manual operation. The dynamic load of 1kg is automatically for the striking of sample with required height and time. Meanwhile, the loading and loading of retort is convenient, which can significantly increase the success rate during the loading of sample.

              A thread with small screw pitch is applied between the cover and body of retort after continuous optimization, which ensures the smooth connection between the cover and body of retort and also shortened the rotation distance. Consequently, the loosing of coal bed caused by the rotation of retort cover can be eliminated to a minimum level.

              Coal retort components 

              CNC fine car and CNC processing, to ensure that each steamer has a high degree of consistency.

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